Barauni Project


The existing Barauni Fertilizer unit of Hindustan Fertilizer Corporation Ltd. (HFCL) is located in the Begusarai district of Bihar. Broad gauge Railway Station (Barauni) is at a distance of 0.8 km from the plant site.

The Barauni Refinery of IOCL lies adjacent to the fertilizer plant. The plant is well connected by rail and road. National Highways No. 31 passes nearby. The nearest airport is at Patna about 100 km from Barauni.

Current Status of project revival:

After formation of HURL, all the pre-project activities are in the different stages of implementation as per the set timelines.

The major pre-project activities inter-alia include but not limited to Pre-Feasibility Study, Geo-Technical Study, Topographic Survey, Hydro-geological & ground water availability studies, obtaining Environmental Clearance which include preparation of EIA/EMP, Conducting Public Hearing/ Consultation etc., Site preparation, removal of old plant / buildings, creating basic infratrusture at project sites like arrangement of construction power and water, site office set-up, approach roads to the plant, residential facilities, etc.

The Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) for the main plant Contract through Lump-Sum-Turn-key mode (LSTK) has already been issued to all the Pre-Qulaified bidders. The award of this main plant LSTK Contract is in process.

HURL is making incessant efforts to issue the Letter of Award with in the scheduled time lines.

The project commissioning has been targetted for a period of 36 months from the issue of Letter of Award to the successful bidders in respect of the three project locations.

HURL is getting full support of all its stakeholders including the Central Government, State Government, Local bodies etc., in taking forward the project as per the set time-lines by the Government of India.

Environmental compliance report

Six monthly Environmental compliance report ( April-2018 to September 2018) - HURL BARAUNI